Twitter Bootstrap 4 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers

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License and information mainly for the GitHub Repo.

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## DevDmBootstrap4

This is a starter WordPress theme for DEVELOPERS using Twitter Bootstrap 4.x

Keep it simple. The theme is file based with no complex classes or hooks. I've simply developed an easy to understand theme that integrates Bootstrap 4. Complexity you can build into a child-theme while still keeping Bootstrap 4 and its components available to you. A skilled developer can create ANY kind of child-theme, for any type of website using DevDmBootstrap4 as the parent theme.

### [Documentation / Demo](

[]( - In progress.

[Knowledge Base]( - Always Updating.

### Copyrights and License Information for theme resources

* i) DevDmBootstrap4 uses elements from the Twitter Bootstrap v4 Framework Distributed under the MIT License
* ii) DevDmBootstrap4 includes Font Awesome 5 free icon Distributed under the MIT License.
* iii) DevDmBootstrap4 includes popper.min.js Copyright (C) Federico Zivolo 2017 Distributed under the MIT License.

Everything else used in DevDmBootstrap4 (including the screenshot.png) has been created by me (Danny Machal), especially for the DevDmBootstrap4 theme and is distributed under GPL v3 license.