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Monthly Archives February 2018

DevDmBootstrap4 v1.3

A new theme update wills itself into existence today, v1.3. Head on over to the Download Page to grab it.

About this Update:

  • Includes the latest pull (as of 02/15/18) from the Bootstrap Git Repository (v4-dev) branch.
  • Various escaping and translation fixes to strings and variables in the theme files.
  • SEO improvements to the post list pages vs single posts/pages. Any post list style pages like archive.php or index.php will have the Site Title in the header by an <h1> tag. Single post/pages will have the title of the page/post be the <h1> and theSite Title will be downgraded to an <h2>. This should help with search engine indexing.
  • Regenerated the devdmbootstrap4.pot file and the  / en_US.po files. You can find links to the language files on the Translations page.
  • The devdmbootstrap-scss-child theme has also had the latest compiled Bootstrap 4 pull integrated into it.

WordPress Theme Directory Status

A lot of the code changes in this update were the result of v1.2 being shutdown for admittance to the WordPress Theme Directory. I guess it has been a while since I have played that game. Some new tools have emerged that are automating a lot of the Theme Checks. One such tool called, “Theme Sniffer” was actually really helpful and there were clearly some security flaws with the Theme that needed to be addressed. I have submitted version 1.3 to the Theme Directory but it is missing our SEO tweaks and latest Bootstrap 4 update. Things don’t move very fast over there. I anticipate v1.4 of the Theme to be in sync with the Theme directory. If we get approved. Maybe I can re-submit v1.3 as it is on GitHub. I’ll try.

Knowledge Base

We have a new tab at the top here called Knowledge Base. This is where I will post my fielded questions from Twitter and email

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