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Monthly Archives January 2018

DevDmBootstrap4 v1.2

A new theme update hits today, v1.2. Head on over to the Download Page to grab it.

About this Update:

  • Includes the latest pull from the Bootstrap Git Repository (v4-dev) branch.
  • Bug Fix for not displaying categories on pages.
  • CSS fix for removing rounded corners on the featured post image.
  • Some PHP clean up.

Introduction of the devdmbootstrap4-scss-child theme.

The default child theme devdmbootstrap4-child doesn’t include any of the SCSS code. It is just a simple child theme to get you started coding outside of the parent. This new child theme includes the full suite of SCSS and compiled CSS used by the parent theme devdmbootstrap4. So you are getting the entire Bootstrap 4 SCSS code and the additions for WordPress that devdmbootstrap4 brings to the table. This child theme’s functions.php actually dequeues the parent stylesheet and enqueues the compiled CSS bundled within itself.

This translates to COMPLETE control for the savvy developer who wants to get in there to tweak, extend, and compile their own version of a Bootstrap 4 WordPress compatible theme.

WordPress Theme Directory Submission.

I’ve submitted the theme officially to the WordPress theme directory. I will update with any news as it becomes available.

The theme documentation on the site here is being worked on daily.

I’m still working through all the different theme file pages but most of the important stuff is fleshed out to give you any assistance you might require when developing your child theme.

As always, my office is open! Leave a comment here, email me or dm me on Twitter.

DevDmBootstrap4 v1.1

It is time true believers, to open the gates and get WordPress into the Bootstrap 4 world.

[Download it Here]

I’ve been working on DevDmBootstrap4 since Bootstrap 4 Alpha was announced. With the success of DevDmBootstrap3 I wanted to make sure I was ready when Bootstrap 4 officially came out of Beta, and here we are. Bootstrap 4 release blog post announcement.

I have had to rebuild and retool some things on the migration from Bootstrap 3.x to Bootstrap 4.x, but those who are familiar with DevDmBootstrap3 will find that DevDmBootstrap4 follows the same file patterns and code structure as its predecessor.

I’ll be working on bringing up more child-themes and fleshing out the documentation on the site here in the coming months.

You can sign up for the Newsletter on the sidebar to get updates. I’m going to be sending those around the 1st of every month to give a state of the theme, what new content is available and what has been updated. I’ve got BIG plans for child-themes this year, including full Gutenberg support.

We are not on the WordPress Theme Directory yet but you can find everything on GitHub or the Download page.

If you have any feedback or questions my office is always open! Leave a comment here, email me or dm me on Twitter.